I'm Trevor Engstrom

And I'm looking for an internship

I may not know much,

but I promise I'm a hard worker and a fast learner.

Take this website for example. Before January, I didn't know a thing about HTML, CSS, Javascript, or servers. Now look at me. I have my own website that I made myself.



Data Analysis

Data Visualization

R & Rstudio

Power BI

Data Cleansing


Web Development






Coding & DB




SQL Server


Assisted the computer science department chairman with classroom instruction and individualized assistance to youth camp attendees with building video games using GameMaker and Unity 3D. Helped teach middle school and high school aged children basic object oriented coding practices with C#. Led monthly sessions with local chapters of the Boys and Girls Club to introduce them to basic video game development

I qualified for the Microsoft Software & Systems Academy (MSSA). It is an intensive, full-time, 16-week program that includes academic and technical training, certification testing and practical exercises aligned to meet urgent industry needs for Information Technology professionals. The program combines college accredited academics and hands-on training, with the goal of preparing transitioning service members (Veterans) for technical opportunities at Microsoft and their partners.

I specialize in Database and Business Intelligence (BI) technology:

  • Received the Microsoft Certified Professional Certification; Querying Data with Transact-SQL.
  • Implement database warehousing, design, and BI infrastructure.
  • Configure, update and install database software and applications.
  • Conduct data cleansing, modeling analysis and visualization.

Intelligence professional focused on the collection of various forms of intelligence through interpersonal communication and technical systems during three deployments to Afghanistan. Conducted technical report writing through various applications and Microsoft Office programs and in-depth analysis of intelligence to brief and present to senior personnel and agencies.

  • Increased the usefulness of over 900 intelligence reports by providing personalized analysis through the use of multiple databases, technological platforms, and the Microsoft Office suite.
  • Authored more than 300 intelligence reports by prioritizing requirements and maximizing time management.
  • Compiled data to provide detailed daily updates through liaison and presentations to senior management.
  • Led teams of up to 20 subordinates. Established two small teams that quadrupled intelligence production through persistence, collaboration, and diverse thinking.

  • Course studies in Database Design, Computer Programing, and Full Stack Web Development
  • Anticipated graduation date of December 2019
  • 3.51 GPA / Dean’s List
  • Concentration: Database and Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Equivalent to a minor in Computer Science at Saint Martin’s University.
  • MSSA training and certification.
  • Course studies in Business and Intelligence Studies


Why you should hire me

You'll get your money's worth. I want to gain experience and make sure I'm choosing the correct career path. But, I also want to prove you made the right decision to bring me aboard
I'll show up and work hard. I'm not an expert at much, but I know the fundamentals of a lot of different skills. I'm eager to learn more and contribute as much as possible.

But most importantly, I'll never bring tuna fish to eat for lunch and I'll never microwave smelly food in the break room.

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